PRAGATI BHARAT’s is led by its CEO and 28 people’s team to manage the ongoing operation. The team is supported by the management, advisors and the members of the society.

The team is a small group of people with interchangeable skills who found themselves responsible for a common purpose and goal. They get more complicated projects done at a more rapid pace than an individual assigned project because decision-making is more effective in a team environment. We also have pool of experts to provide the expert services as and when needed.

Our team issomewhat complex. We have successful group of people who were cooperating, critiquing, communicating and reporting to an organization. Our team did not just happen. We were formed then molded.

Our team helps me to learn the true meaning of passion: loving something so unconditionally that life would seem empty in its absence. As a team, all of our passions have combined together to create a distinct, all-encompassing group dynamic.